How To Buy Flats / Villa / Bungalow/

How To Buy Flats / Villa / Bungalow

People should know certain things regarding how to buy flat? When someone is planning to Purchase a new property or Builder Floor for personal use, then he/she can apply have to keep various factors in the mind while buying a flat. The factors which we need to keep in mind during buying a flat are as follows:

    • The map of the floor, checking and understanding that each room of the floor is properly ventilated and airy.

    • The quality construction of the property

    • The property chain of the property

    • The history of the builder

    • Whether the property is a registered property or not?

    • Whether the property has home loan facility or not?

Important facts that must be kept in mind before buying a FLAT

Flats are generally priced on basis of area like how much total area? What area? We shall discuss the way this area is calculated and how flats are priced here... Carpet area is defined as "the net usable area measured from the inner faces of wall to wall". However, the trend nowadays is to calculate area on the basis of built-up area or "super built-up/saleable area". Built-up area is the net area of a flat, including space covered by the wall thickness. This is generally 15% more than the carpet area of a flat. There are two types of "common spaces" area:

    • Common Spaces on each floor

    • Common spaces in the building

Common spaces on each floor:

The staircases, lobby, lift, etc. on the floor are to be divided "proportionately" among the flats on the particular floor. For example, a building may have four flats per floor with different built-up areas. The built-up areas of the four flats may be 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 sq. ft. It means that the proportionate shares of floor space among the four flats are 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%.

Now, if the area of staircase, lobby, lift, etc., is 100 sq. ft. then it should be shared among the four flats as per the proportion of floor space enjoyed by them. So, out of 100 sq. ft., 40 sq. ft. goes to the 4000 sq. ft. flat, 30 sq. ft. to the 3000 sq. ft. flat and so on. Therefore, the gross area of the four flats on a floor becomes 1010 sq. ft., 2020 sq. ft., 3030 sq. ft. and 4040 sq. ft. respectively.

If this is too complicated, just remember that if you have a bigger flat, you have to pay for more of the common space on each floor. If you have a smaller flat, you have to play for less of the common space on each floor.

Common spaces in the building:

Every apartment building must have a lobby, a staircase, a pump room, an electrical room, etc., at the ground level. There must also be one or more stair-room at the terrace level and sometimes, also a lift machine room. All these areas should be proportionately divided among all the flats.

So, "Super built up area" = built up area + common spaces on each floor + common spaces in the building all together!

Now, generally, when calculating the cost of the flat, you are charged on the basis of per square feet of super built up area.

Points that must be kept in mind before buying a Villa

Free Space Options

To extract maximum benefit of the independent house, ensure there is a provision of ample free space on its four sides. Villas that have a shared common wall with an adjacent villa can hinder your privacy.

Contemporary Features

Look out for all the latest features, do a comparative study of the villas you have shortlisted and decided on what best suits you. Ensure that the building chosen by you possesses multiple car parking facility and ample guest parking.

Room Allotments

With so many rooms, it is essential to have a flexible planning in the allotment of rooms that will facilitate ease of communicating for the inhabitants yet giving them the desired comfort and convenience.


It is also important to make sure that there is proper transport connectivity and road link to key city localities.


Villas are defined by ultra-luxury features viz. more space as well as high-end specifications and fittings. Most of the contemporary projects are smart and energy efficient too which also influences its pricing. Thus, high-quality construction calls for higher prices.

Price Appreciation

An ideally located villa project will guarantee handsome price appreciation at a later stage. Investing in villas assures significant percentage of Undivided Share of Land (UDS). Going for a trusted and branded realty developer is recommended to secure a maximum percentage of UDS, which will enhance the asset value of the property in future.

Points that must be kept in mind before buying a Bungalow

There are many bungalow colonies in gated community along with the flats. However, this advantage may not always be there as a bungalow is mostly constructed on an independent plot.The bungalow has a risk of land only. If this property is under litigation or not certified as NA Land, issues may arise.

As an investment option, bungalow can be profitable as it has land which appreciates more than flats. Also, one may receive a sound rental income if the bungalow is put on rent and at the same hand have the flexibility to reconstruct it whenever desired. The cost of a bungalow is more in comparison to flat as one is required to buy a land and construct upon it. Also, the cost varies depending upon many factors like the locality, land value and size. It tends to increase by the end.

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