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Industrial Area Projects

Industrial Area

Industrial Area is a place designed suitable for the industries to have their factories and execute the production work in them. The best Industrial areas are those industrial areas which have the various facility which helps the factory owners to operate easily. The factory owners require the facility of transporting the raw material, semi-finished goods or finished goods at lower cost. Availablity of 24x7 electricity, water and waste material drainage system. Easily availability of labour. Canteen/Cafeteria and residential place. Low legal formailities, etc. KVGHC is working on this particular segment and trying to bring up such type of KVGHC Industrial Area all over the India, where you will be get various facilities like:

  • 24x7 Electricity, Water, Waste Management System at lowest cost

  • Nearby canteen/cafeteria, hotel/restaurant, seminar/workshop/meeting/auditorium space

  • Good space for office

  • Easy to setup your factories

  • Easily availabilty of engineers

  • Easily availability of machineries with emi options

  • Easily availability of labours

  • Single Window clearance for all the legal formailities

  • Nearby Transporation system or logisitic yard for transporting and procuring the material

  • Support in getting Funds

  • Support in R&D and getting newer technology

  • Support in Quality Production

  • Support in Marketing

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'KVGHC I Bharat Industrial Area'

KVGHC is working to develop a new Industrial Area in Delhi NCR and Dehradun region for the boost of Electronic Industry. The details of the Industrial Area will soon be displayed......